Penta Infra, the leading provider of reliable, sustainable and highly connected edge and hub datacenters in Europe, has acquired the Sungard datacenter campus in Paris (Lognes). With this, Penta Infra will also acquire the colocation business and will continue to deliver high quality datacenter services to the majority of the existing client base. Sungard has signed a service contract with Penta Infra for continued use of the datacenter capacity, and will remain on site as a partner in delivering managed hosting and other availability services for a specific set of existing clients.

Created in 2015, Penta Infra had already established a portfolio consisting of 10 datacenters in Germany, The Netherlands and Denmark. The acquisition of the Lognes datacenter campus creates an entry for Penta Infra in the French market. Presence in this major European market fits within Penta Infra's long-term strategy of further expanding a pan-European portfolio of edge and hub datacenters.

Being part of FLAP, Paris is one of the most important colocation markets in Europe, making it the ideal site for Penta Infra's base of operations in France. The carrier and cloud neutral Lognes datacenter campus is very well connected. This dense ecosystem, including public cloud access, provides current and future customers with a perfect foundation for their digital transformation.

Penta Infra has acquired Sungard datacenter campus Paris
Datacenter campus Paris (Lognes)

The 3-building campus, consisting of two datacenters and a workplace facility, covers a surface area of over 16.000 m2 and has significant opportunities for expansion. The site will be developed into a 10+ MW datacenter. As a first step Penta Infra, with a proven track record of refitting and modernizing datacenters, will directly invest to upgrade and expand the Lognes datacenter facilities to the highest market standards and operate them long term, in the most sustainable way.

Patrick van der Wilt, Chief Commercial Officer at Penta Infra:
“We are very excited to announce that we're expanding our footprint into France, one of the leading European markets. Acquisition of the Lognes datacenter campus is a new chapter in our ambition to increase our datacenter footprint in Europe. The high profile customer base, a dense partner ecosystem that provides a wide range of connectivity and public cloud options, combined with the ability to scale on the Lognes campus positions Penta Infra well for developing our business in Europe by serving both national and international clients. Immediate investments to modernize and expand the facilities will provide our current and future clients with one of the most modern and sustainable facilities in Europe where we see our Penta Infra Copenhagen (2022 Award winner “most sustainable datacenter project in Denmark”) as reference.”

About Penta Infra
Penta Infra is a rapidly growing provider of edge and hub datacenters in Europe and currently owns and operates 10 sustainable and highly connected facilities in Germany, The Netherlands and Denmark. The datacenters are strategically located on edge locations in Berlin, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Copenhagen and other major cities, allowing Penta Infra's clients to deliver an optimal digital customer experience to their end users.