A partnership is formed by Sentia Denmark and Penta Infra after the sale of Sentia's Danish data center in Smedeland, Glostrup. The acquisition facilitates Sentia's continued focus on cloud services, while Penta Infra expands to the Danish market.

Alex Bakker, partner and founder of Penta Infra: “We are proud of Sentia's confidence in Penta to run this mission-critical facility. For Penta, this acquisition perfectly fits our strategy in expanding our European service offering to Denmark and adds another site to our existing edge facilities in Germany and the Netherlands.

Entering a new market in the Nordics is the next step in Penta’s strategy in the creation of a European data center network. We consider Copenhagen as upcoming European hub, from where further expansion in the region will be supported. We will invest in the data center in order to meet the increasing market requirements and to anticipate increasing market demand. As an experienced colocation data center service provider, we look forward to a successful cooperation with Sentia."