Your Reliable Partner for Tailor Made and Individual Networking Solutions

Penta Infra is one of the top data center providers of Europe. We provide flexible datacenter solutions through a wide range of products and services, ranging from collocation to build-to-suit data centers.

We operate a Europe encompassing network of data centers both on hubs, as well as on edge locations. As an experienced and reliable partner in the operation and construction of state-of-the-art data centers, we are able to provide you with a highly secure infrastructure for all your specific data needs – be they fully fitted build-to-suit data centers, operation and maintenance services or disaster recovery.

We’re Carrier Neutral

Our network-neutral data centers allow for interconnection between telecommunication carriers and colocation providers, allowing for a diverse selection of ISPs and connection options for you to freely choose from. The benefits provided thusly are manifold. Cost savings, ISP redundancy and flexible scaling options are chief among them.

Fulfilling Your Needs with a Personal Touch

Here at Penta, our customer’s needs are everything to us. We’re always ready to meet your demands – however extensive they may be. Delivering on your technical, security and redundancy needs is what drives us and what we strive for. Every solution will be individually and fairly tailored to you.

Sustainability – Not Just a Buzzword, But Our Mission Statement

In addition to fulfilling your data center needs, Penta Infra has taken up the mission to do its part to set us on course to a sustainable future. Since the start Penta Infra commited herself to execute initiatives to reduce her ecological footprint.

We are continuously researching methods to lower our carbon footprint by reducing and recycling energy and water consumption at our locations. To reach this goal, we consider the entirety of our production chain and invest into innovative ways to reach climate neutrality.

For example, our Copenhagen data center CPH01 was just awarded the prestigious TIDA Certificate of the Danish Data Center Industry for using excess heat to provide heating for local housing projects, while we’re currently working on using the heat generated by our Berlin data center BER02 to cultivate algae and breed fish. These are just some of various of Penta’s projects to lower our CO² footprint.

Our Partner Network – Vast and Reliable

Penta Infra has established an extensive network of partners all throughout the European Union. We’re able to offer a variety of network solutions including dark fiber, IP-Transit as well as connections to internet and cloud exchanges. All routes offered include redundancy measures.

Why our customers choose Penta

  • Highest quality standards on edge and hub locations
  • Highly secure with excellent connectivity
  • Custom tailoring to meet your requirements
  • Excellent customer service program
  • Sustainability program to reduce ecological footprint

Want to know how our data center facilities can grow your company or support your services?

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