DataCenter Fryslân opens doors to public during National Data Center Day

DataCenter Fryslân will open its doors to the public on Thursday, 9 June 2022, during the 8th edition of the National Data Center Day, initiated by the Dutch Data Center Association. Interested parties from Leeuwarden and surroundings can register for a visit to the data center.

Visiting websites, sending emails, but also other everyday actions such as PIN transactions and smart home applications need access to a stable data center to function properly. A visit to the data center during the National Data Center Day consists of a tour and a presentation. During the visit the questions why data centers are needed in the first place, what they add to an IT solution and whether or not using a data center is an energy efficient solution are discussed.

Arnoud Annema, Manager DataCenter Fryslân:
"Not a day goes by without you having used a data center. Make use of the open day on 9 June to take a look at DataCenter Fryslân. We would love to show you what happens in a data center."

Stijn Grove, Director Dutch Datacenter Association:
"As a participant of the Dutch Data Center Association, DataCenter Fryslân has been participating in the National Data Center Day for years. As regional data center, DataCenter Fryslân plays an essential role in making digitization possible in Friesland. Their services offer added value to the entire region of the Northern Netherlands. We are delighted that DataCenter Fryslân is opening its doors to the general public again this year. In this way, everyone (throughout the Netherlands) can become acquainted with data centers."

About DataCenter Fryslân
DataCenter Fryslan is part of Penta Infra. Penta Infra is a fast growing provider of edge datacenters in Europe with locations in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark.

Want to know more on how we reduce our ecological footprint? Contact us or plan a visit to one of our datacenters in your area.

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