Datacenter Düsseldorf - DUS-1

Düsseldorf sits on the internet highway between Amsterdam and Frankfurt, making it strategically important for serving the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan area. The Penta Dusseldorf DC is fully certified and connected to the datacenters in Dusseldorf and to all the Penta datacenters in Germany, offering a wide range of datacenter services with up to 2MW of IT load, disaster recovery space and 6000m2 of office space.

As the site is built as hot-spot for major international banks, it offers a very high standard of security and availability for the IT systems. Currently the datacenter is use by a mix of international blue chip clients who require a very high level of availability and level of certification. The site is located close to the airport and is close to all the main fiber routes, offering a high degree of connectivity. The site offers significant future expansion options up to 10MW of IT load.