Having taken over DataCenter Fryslân (“DCF”) in 2020, Penta Infra (“Penta”) has recently significantly increased the capacity of the data center at the Archimedesweg 3 in Leeuwarden. DCF is the only independent co-location datacenter in the Friesland province. Today, the newly added capacity will be ceremonially opened.

With this expansion of the facility, Penta confirms its choice for Leeuwarden. Both DCF and DCF2 are strategically located and are provided with networks to, among others, the Amsterdam Internet Exchange and the Groningen Internet Exchange. This allows the data centers to meet the needs of the regional (ICT) market, and both the national and international network providers. Services offered by Penta are as energy-efficient as possible: 100% renewable energy is used and Penta actively works together with the municipality of Leeuwarden to supply the heat generated by ICT equipment to a local heat network.

As part of the yearly Connect.frl event for the ICT community of the northern parts of the Netherlands, the new expansion of DataCenter Fryslân will be ceremonially opened today by Stijn Grove, director of the Dutch Data Center Association.

Alex Bakker, partner and founder at Penta: “We see the expansion of the data center in Leeuwarden as confirmation of our vision of the future of data center locations in Europe. With DCF as hub we accelerate the digital transition of the region. This is also in line with the Dutch coalition agreement, which stipulates that the Netherlands will become the digital hub of Europe, with robust, fast and secure internet. We see that the discussion in society about the role of digital infrastructure in spatial planning is increasingly being conducted. We aim to not only strengthen the digital infrastructure with our data centers, but also to contribute to the local community. With our data center in Copenhagen, for example, we work together with the Danish grid operator to supply heat to households in the immediate vicinity. We have the same in mind for Leeuwarden and are actively working on this.”

Stijn Grove, Director Dutch Data Center Association: “I would like to congratulate Penta Infra with this expansion in Leeuwarden. It is impressive to see how Penta is responding to the trend to position data centers closer to users and their commitment to make the immediate environment more sustainable.”