Our services


Racks, cages and suites to house your IT and network equipment. We offer different power configurations for different system setups.

  • Highly secure state of the art locations
  • Excellent connected to wherever you like
  • Added services on demand

Datacenter as a service

Build-to-suit datacenters for specific needs. Operate your IT infrastructure asset and resource light.

  • Fully fitted build-to-suit Datacenter
  • Operations and maintenance included in a fixed fee
  • SLA with Penta according to your needs


Together with our partners, we can offer different network solutions including dark fiber, IP-Transit and connections to internet and cloud exchanges.

  • Redundant routes
  • Connections between our datacenters
  • Connections between our datacenters, your premises and other datacenters

Disaster recovery

Specialized managed business continuity services are available at our locations.

  • Security over your continuity for critical functions within your organization
  • Managed and unmanaged workplaces


Permanent and temporary highly secure offices and workplaces close to your equipment.

  • Fully serviced or traditional offices
  • Offices, storage, clean-rooms, backup


Our infrastructure and services contribute to the availability of the virtual world anywhere you like and in any shape and form. Next to that, we want to contribute to get the real world back in shape and form in any way we can. We continuously search for ways to limit our footprint by actively investing in saving energy and water and in solar panels on our locations. We look after the full production chains of our supplies and suppliers.

Any suggestions how we can further improve this? Suggestions are more than welcome to help us contribute our part.