Penta Infra is the leading provider of reliable, sustainable and highly connected edge data centers in Europe. With locations in Scandinavia, Germany, France and The Netherlands we provide solutions ranging from full service colocation to build-to-suit data centers.

Edge locations

We're expanding in current and new edge locations and we hold our data centers to the highest compliance standards. We focus on locations where we can actively contribute to a circular economy.

Highly connected

All Penta Infra data center facilities are connected, allowing you to connect with all network and ecosystem partners, including leading internet exchanges and public cloud providers.

Strategic partner

We believe in being successful together by growing together. Our data center services, ranging from colocation to build-to-suit, enable you to drive your digital journey as you see fit.

Penta Infra Data Center Berlin
Located in the heart of Central Europe, Berlin connects the West to the East and is one of the fastest growing markets in Europe. Here in the capital of Germany, digital transformation and innovation happen...

Penta Infra Data Center Hamburg
Hamburg is the economic powerhouse of Northern Germany. As a main hub of international trade and one of the biggest industrial locations in Europe, the media city of Germany is also one of the greenest cities in...

Penta Infra Data Center Düsseldorf
Penta Düsseldorf brings you to the heart of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Germany economy. Positioned west from the river Rhine and in close proximity to the main fiber routes, the Tier 3+ Penta Infra facility marks...

Penta Infra Data Center Cologne
The largest city in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Cologne has a significant chemical and automobile industry. The city has two airports in direct proximity and many institutions for higher...

Penta Infra Data Center Leipzig
Rated the most liveable city in Germany and Germany's boomtown, Leipzig is the most populous city in the state of Saxony with approximately 1.1 million inhabitants in the city and its larger urban zone. In...

Penta Infra Data Center Paris
The capital and the most populous city of France, Paris is one of the world's major cities and houses financial and governmental institutions, start-ups, scale-ups and more. France's capital is where digital...

Penta Infra Data Center Geleen
Centrally located in the province of Limburg and bordering both Belgium and Germany, Sittard-Geleen is very conveniently situated in a Top Technology Region: the area in the triangle Eindhoven - Liège – Aachen. The...

Penta Infra Data Center Leeuwarden
Having moved from an originally pronounced agricultural character, the province of Friesland has a rapidly emerging ICT service sector concentrated in Leeuwarden, Drachten and Heerenveen. Penta Infra owns and...

Penta Infra Data Center Copenhagen
Copenhagen is an upcoming European Hub with a strong position in both Denmark and the Nordics. Our Tier 3 data center hosts an ecosystem of international, national and local customers, carriers, ISP's and other...

Our approach to sustainability

In addition to fulfilling your data center needs, we've taken up the mission to do our part to set us on course towards a sustainable future. From the start, we have committed ourselves to execute initiatives to reduce our ecological footprint.

We are continuously researching methods to lower our carbon footprint by reducing and recycling energy and water consumption at our locations. To reach this goal, we consider the entirety of our production chain and invest in innovative ways to reach climate neutrality.

Do you have sustainability solutions, an interest in our waste heat or a breakthrough idea? Let's join forces and become sustainability partners.

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From developing our network, products and services to expanding into new territories and joining up with partners, we're continuously on the move. We're actively working to meet our customers' demands and to lower our carbon footprint.

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Penta Infra acquires Sungard datacenter campus Paris | Penta Infra

16 January 2023

Penta Infra acquires Sungard datacenter campus Paris

Penta Infra has acquired the Sungard datacenter campus in Paris (Lognes). This acquisition creates an entry for Penta Infra in the French market. Presence in this major European market fits within...

Penta Infra and ScaleUp celebrate opening event in Berlin | Penta Infra

21 June 2022

Penta Infra and ScaleUp celebrate opening event in Berlin

On 14 June 2022, Penta Infra and ScaleUp Technologies hosted an opening event, celebrating the opening of ScaleUp's third data center in Berlin.

Penta Infra proudly sponsors the BCIX 20 + 10 anniversary event | Penta Infra

10 June 2022

Penta Infra proudly sponsors the BCIX 20 + 10 anniversary event

Penta Infra is happy to announce that the company will not only be attending, but is also a gold sponsor of the BCIX 20 + 10 anniversary event in Berlin on 30 June and 1 July 2022. Furthermore, Penta...