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Connecting the Nordics

In a digital world where robust infrastructure is paramount, the importance of the right data center location cannot be emphasized enough. Many European cities champion connectivity, but Copenhagen carves out a unique space with its blend of strategic geographical advantage and robust technological ecosystem in the Nordic region.

Framed by its innovative industries and a commitment to sustainability, Copenhagen's environment is conducive to seamless and efficient data operations. Its location as a pivotal connecting point between Scandinavia and mainland Europe solidifies its role in regional and international data flow.

But there's more to Copenhagen than just strategic positioning. The city embodies a harmonious blend of advanced technological readiness and a deep-rooted commitment to sustainability. For businesses eager to thrive in the Nordic digital expanse, our award-winning Copenhagen data center offers cutting-edge infrastructure and is aligned with Denmark's eco-friendly ethos.

  • 1,6 MW IT capacity

  • 1.000 m2 IT space

  • Tier 3+ Equivalent

  • Colocation Datacenter

  • 1.500 Households heated through heat reuse

  • 24/7 CCTV and security staff

Colocation Data Center Copenhagen | Penta Infra

Colocation that meets your business needs

At Penta Infra, we don't just provide space at our colocation data centers, we collaborate to build your perfect technological ecosystem. From startups requiring a single rack to multinationals needing a customized suite, we're here to power your potential. Our commitment to customization stands as a cornerstone of our service, with a set-up tailored to your needs.

In our world, colocation is more than a service — it's a partnership. Our goal is to evolve with you, to adapt to your changing needs, and to provide an environment where your hardware can thrive. We believe in harnessing the full power of technology, creating spaces where peak performance is the standard.

Join us on a journey where high performance, customization, and growth come together to form the core of your colocation experience.

“We are very grateful to have found a professional and reliable partner like Penta Infra for our data center environment. Penta Infra and their team onsite help to not only drive innovation in the data center, but guarantee long-term service for our customers in Germany. We are committed to keeping our clients’ critical applications and business running, and successfully do that through our partnership with Penta Infra.”

  • Award-winning sustainable datacenter
  • 100% Green Energy
  • Heat pump for unparalleled heat reuse
  • Connected to Local District Heating and Providing Heat for approx. 1500 homes
  • Gateway location to the Nordics
  • Connected to the COBRA Fiber Optic Cable
  • Redundant data flow between AMS / CPH
  • Planned Expansion to 7,6 MW of IT Capacity
  • Completely Renovated to Highest Industry Standards in 2023
  • European Owned Data Center Provider
  • Carrier Neutral & Pan European Network


Penta Infra data centers offer a wide range of connectivity services, allowing you to offer your end-users an optimal digital experience. Discover which services our Copenhagen facility has to offer or schedule a tour of the premises to find out why we're a good fit for your data needs.

Penta Infra - Colocation


Full colocation services to suit all your needs

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Penta Infra - Network services

Network services

Connect redundantly and outwardly

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Penta Infra - Remote hands and eyes

Remote hands and eyes

We're on top of things so you don't have to be

As you'd expect, you and your end-users' data is safe with us. Our remote hands and eyes allow for continuous monitoring so that we can keep an eye on...

Penta Infra - Accomodating Facilities

Accomodating Facilities

Our experts guide you along the way

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Actively reducing our carbon footprint

Data traffic and storage are an important part of everyday life and this will only increase in the future. As a result, data centers are taking on an increasingly important role in society. At Penta Infra, we see it as our responsibility to not only provide reliable services, but also to do so as sustainably as possible. Our data centers use 100% green power, we invest continuously in increasing energy efficiency and, where possible, we give our energy a second life in the form of returning heat to the local heating network. A good example of this is our Copenhagen data center, which won an award for most sustainable data center project in 2022.

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Prioritizing compliance and security

In the complex realm of data management, ensuring robust security and compliance is crucial. Our data centers are equipped with cutting-edge technology and are built in accordance with the highest industry standards. Our dedication to provide a secure environment for your data exemplifies our commitment to quality and assurance.

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Discover how our 100% reuse of heat can accelerate your business case

Michael Krogh

Michael Krogh

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